1 away from (apogee).
2 separate (apocarpous).
Etymology: Gk apo from, away, un-, quite

* * *

prefix or ap- or aph-
Etymology: apo- from Middle English, from Middle French & Latin; Middle French, from Latin, from Greek, from apo; ap- from Greek, from apo; aph- from Late Latin, from Greek, from apo — more at of
1. : away from : off




3. : formed from : related to — in names of chemical compounds


apo- before consonants other than h and sometimes ap- before vowels and aph- before h (which is not repeated) but frequently apo- even before h or a vowel

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a prefix occurring originally in loanwords from Greek, where it was joined to verbs, deverbal forms, and other parts of speech. Among its functions in Greek, apo- has the spatial sense "away, off, apart" (apogee; apocope; apostasy; apostrophe); it occurs with deverbals that denote a response or defense (apodosis; apology) and is found on verbs having perfective force relative to a corresponding simple verb (apoplexy; aposiopesis). In modern scientific coinages in English and other languages, apo- marks things that are detached, separate, or derivative (apocarpous; apoenzyme).
Also, esp. before a vowel, ap-.
[ < Gk, prefixal use of apó; akin to OFF, Skt apa, L ab]

* * *

1. from; away; quite; off, as in apostasy, apocalypse.
2. (especially in modern scientific terms) standing off or away from each other; detached; separate: »

Aposepalous = having separate sepals.

Also, ap- before vowels and h.
[< Greek apo- < apó off]
APO (no periods) or A.P.O.,
Army Post Office.

* * *

1) away from

apocrypha | apostrophe



2) Astronomy denoting the furthest point in the orbit of a body in relation to the primary

apolune. Compare with peri-

from Greek apo ‘from, away, quite, un-’

* * *

apo- prefix
repr. Gr. ἀπο- off, from, away; quite.
1. In compounds already formed in Gr., or others analogous to them.
2. In modern scientific words, not on Gr. analogies, with sense of ‘standing off or away from each other, detached, separate,’ as apo-carpous.

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